Break Free And Unlock Your Full Potential


Shifting mindset is the key to success.

The information has all been out there for years yet still people fail to live anywhere near their potential.

Geoff has a unique ability to connect with people at a deep level and move them energetically and emotionally in the direction of their goals whilst removing the subtle blockages.

In my experience TJM works in all areas of business and life.


- John McGrath Founder Executive Director McGrath Estate Agents


What a great message. 

Unlike many educators this man has been there himself and can speak from his experience, lessons and insights - not through other people's experiences. Thank you for the reminder Geoff!

We loved having you as our keynote speaker at this years C21 Australasia Franchise Conference. Very real, exactly what people need to hear about business, life and the journey of personal growth. 


- Charles Tarbey Chairman

Century 21 Australasia

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Meet Geoff

From CEO’s to golf pros, stay at home mums, white collar workers through blue, Geoff Jowett is fast becoming the go to person for a shift in mindset. 
"He is the master of unlocking peoples potential" says Matt Steinwede, Australia’s number 1 real estate agent 3 years running (Mcgrath Estate Agents). 
"Geoff helps me stay focused on the daily process and out of overwhelm so I can execute the agreed plan”. We have seen a big shift in our business since working with Geoff" 
Jowett says “I believe everyone has greatness in them. But it needs to be unlocked. Most people after they have failed several times at goals and areas of life, simply give up trying. They would rather float than fail again. I help people realise that failure is the building block of success”. 
The big issue is goal obsession, this is why people can’t lose weight. They are obsessed about the number on the scale. Weighing yourself everyday does nothing for weight loss, in fact it makes it worse. If a person isn’t losing weight they starve themselves for 2 days then binge like crazy and so on. This is common. 
I teach people to focus on the process, in weight loss, business, sports and life, not the result. The result is a by-product of the process. It is the lag measure not the lead. 
My mindset method works for any goal or area of life. Performance goes up whilst stress, anxiety, fear go down. 
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Meet The Tribe

Whilst a lot of Geoff's time is taken up keynote speaking and consulting to businesses (helping them improve daily actions, processes and congruent team alignment) he also runs a 6am mindset club called "The Jowett Method". 

Monday-Friday (6am & 6.15am) Geoff speaks LIVE to his members in a private community group. 

6am is weight loss 

6.15am is high performance mindset 

He believes starting the day off right is critical for performance and this is why he is so committed to his tribe. "TJM sets people up for the day and gets them in the right mental state to serve others, not resent where they are. It is so easy to focus on the negative. My daily mindset club ensures people leave the house on the right foot - present in a process grateful for today". 

For anyone who battles consistency, motivation and negative thoughts, this is for you. 

Take me to the tribe

Geoff Jowett is a modern day champion for so many reasons ... he champions the cause of health he champions the power of transformation he champions the spirit of resilience but most of all he’s a champion of people AND his speaking ability is world class.

His wisdom learnt thru pain his passion his delivery and his candor is rare .. go find him go listen to him and I dare you not to be impacted.


- Pat Mesiti

International Speaker

Mindset Coach

Wealth Strategist


Since I met Geoff, and because of Geoff, I have gone on to leap into a fundraising project that to date has raised $25,000 over the past 3 months and a trip to Thailand to see the work of the charity I'm fundraising for. Equally and very personally- I am attending events on my own as a strong single woman of the world - and I no longer hold loneliness at the centre of things like I was before I met Geoff. 

Thank you Geoff from the bottom of my heart. 


- Gabrielle Bartlett 

Married At First Sight S5, Actor & Model

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