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Meet Geoff

Geoff Jowett is one of Australia's most successful health entrepreneurs, having helped millions of people through his weight loss programs and private training studios. 

He Co-Founded Vision Personal Training (1999) and was also the Creator of the hugely successful Bodytrim Weight Loss System (2007) as seen on TV everyday for almost 10 years.

He has seen the dizzying heights of success and also experienced some soul crushing rock bottoms.

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Geoff Jowett is a modern day champion for so many reasons ... he champions the cause of health he champions the power of transformation he champions the spirit of resilience but most of all he’s a champion of people AND his speaking ability is world class.

His wisdom learnt thru pain his passion his delivery and his candor is rare .. go find him go listen to him and I dare you not to be impacted.


- Pat Mesiti

International Speaker

Mindset Coach

Wealth Strategist


Since I met Geoff, and because of Geoff, I have gone on to leap into a fundraising project that to date has raised $25,000 over the past 3 months and a trip to Thailand to see the work of the charity I'm fundraising for. Equally and very personally- I am attending events on my own as a strong single woman of the world - and I no longer hold loneliness at the centre of things like I was before I met Geoff. For that alone I will always remember what Geoff did and continues to do for me and my little journey from the world of reality TV.

I am a work in progress like anyone else - but I have such an incredible presence in my life in Geoff and his mindset training.
Thank you Geoff from the bottom of my heart. 

- Gabrielle Bartlett xx

Married At First Sight S5, Actor & Model


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