What Really Works For Weight Loss


As former Australian Personal Trainer Of The Year, Sports Scientist, champion bodybuilder, and weight loss crusader, Geoff Jowett takes you on a powerful journey of discovery and explains why what we are doing is not working.

There are more gyms, trainers, diets and eating plans than ever before in history and Australia is fatter than ever (60% are now obese). If diets and fitness regimes worked for weight loss - everyone would be slim 5x over.  

This is a book for anyone who has tried to lose weight and failed, or lost weight and put it back on. Jowett explains that the gym is brilliant for fitness and strength but not weight loss. You will discover the difference between weight loss and fitness training and the easiest, best ways to trim down for life.

This book also unpacks the deeper issues around binge eating, and self medicating with food. “When you learn how to stop emotional, comfort eating you can lose all the weight you want”, says Jowett.


"I wanted to die. I had given up on myself, medicating with sugar and junk food every day. The lowest point was when I got stuck in the bathtub at 150 kg and the fire brigade had to come and help.  


But then I found Geoff and his method. Today I have lost 100 kg and am the happiest I have ever been in my life. At 67 I am now living my best life. I have a wonderful loving husband with whom I go on amazing adventures around Australia, I teach mosaic classes twice a week and I mentor others in Geoff’s weight loss community “The Jowett Method”. Everyday I am grateful for the wonderful life I have.


Geoff Jowett saved my life and now I wish to pay it forward by telling others what I did to lose the weight and find myself. You must read this book - it will change your life”.


Jenny, Victoria


“I feel like I have climbed out of the dungeon and into life. I was always fat and always bullied but now life is very different. I have lost 58kg and today I am living my life on my terms.

No more hiding in the corner and being pushed around. Today I fight for my dreams and it's all thanks to Geoff Jowett and his methods". 


Helen, Victoria


"No words can really explain how I feel about my life now. I went from struggling to move and be motivated, to entering fun runs and fitness events.

Geoff has totally changed my life and the life of my family. My kids now look up to me as a health role model and they are making better lifestyle choices too.

It’s bloody awesome and I am thrilled. Do yourself a favour and read this book - it will change your life". 


Kevin, Brisbane


“I had ridden horse all my life - we still own 7 of them to this day - but over the years I had gotten far too heavy to ride.

This was my love and it broke my heart not to be able to pursue my passion. As the weight piled on so too did the dark cloud and it got worse and worse.

Then I discovered Geoff and his mindset training. I have lost 67kg now and I am a new woman.

My husband says I am a different person inside and out.

I was miserable all the time and now I am so happy with life. My mood is so much better”.


Amanda, South Australia


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