One is too small a number to do anything great. You need a tribe

Geoff runs a private mindset coaching community called The Jowett Method (TJM) where he coaches members LIVE daily. He helps people find the root cause of their pain and subsequent weight gain. The mission is simple and raw; to build happier and healthier humans through mindset and connection.

“Most people battle addiction in one form or another. Food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking. We have not learnt to manage our thinking. We are caught in comparison and ego and we medicate with external feel goods to numb”.

There is a better way. I had to go to hell and back to get on the path but I am so extremely grateful that I did. Now it is my hope I can show others a better way to live and be without having to hit the rock bottoms like I did.

Weight loss is a byproduct of mindset. It will happen by default when you do the deeper work. I teach people how to focus on the process to achieve the result. The method works for weight loss, business, sport and life. As a society we are too obsessed with outcome. We have to learn to trust the process.  People have lost up to 70kg in 12 months focusing only on mindset - the rest will happen, it is automatic. No gym or hard workouts required. 


The Jowett Method is unique, a safe and private place for members to support each other and really grow. To find out more information go to



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