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Working with 5 people only at a time this is a brilliant way to really fast track your growth journey. Whether you are looking for the edge in business, weight loss, battling an addiction, or just wanting to be happier and more content with “now”, this service is a real breakthrough.

Everyone thinks they will be happy “when” they have the house, job, car or pay rise, but happiness is always now - not when.

“I suffered the "disease of more" for many years. Nothing was ever enough. But I discovered that happiness is now. Right now is good. Life is a summit-less mountain - we have to enjoy the side of the hill. That is where life happens not in the relentless pursuit of the top”.

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Mindset coaching that will transform your life

4 sessions - Geoff (one on one)

$1600 +GST


12 sessions - Geoff (one on one)

$3500 +GST


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