“Chase service not status” says Jowett

Geoff believes his speaking is a powerful way to help others avoid the traps that he fell into in his 20s and 30s. He is a much sought out speaker on the topics of mindset, motivation, addiction, goals and team building/leadership. Jowett is a brilliant storyteller. There is always a room full of laughs and tears in his address, connecting with audience members through his heart felt and authentic messages.

Geoff in Action


Here's what I know about success and failure

We all like to take credit for the wins but until we step up and own our mistakes we will never grow. 

Awareness and ownership holds the key to transformation. 


Look for the lesson and the opportunity to grow

 It might seem hard and unfair at the time, but when life hits hard it generally what we need to get on the right path



Beware of the "disease of more"

There is nothing good at the end of chasing money and stuff. Chase purpose. Get around people who lift you up not bleed you dry. be better not bitter. 



Helping others is at the core of happiness

Service not status, contribution not significance. Ego is the enemy. I made all the mistakes so you do not have to. 


Your life will expand / contract to YOU

The world is your mirror - you get what you are not what you want. Your life, happiness and success will always come back to your own personal development. 


If you are struggling - know this is where the growth happens

We don't grow when it's easy we grow when it is hard. Change the way you look at the hard times. They will serve you. 

You have to stretch and push to grow and change 


I had some big wins but the wheels fell off - here's why

If you don't do the work on yourself sooner or later the wheels will come off like they did for me. Commit to daily growth. 


Everything good takes time

Nothing good happens quick. You don't build a great team overnight it takes leadership and that takes authenticity

"I engaged Geoff to speak to our Team with the idea that he would provide an inspiring and motivating session. What I didn’t realise is that he would impact so deeply upon each and every Team Member. Geoff spoke 3 months ago and our Team are still talking about him. He gave us perspective and gratitude wrapped in a very entertaining delivery. Geoff Jowett is a must in regard to team building, growth and excitement. "

Mark Capelin
Managing Director - Tribe Social Fitness

"Geoff Jowett is a specialist in regards to weight loss and what it takes to make major changes to our lives. A progressive thinker and innovator in the area of personal transformation Geoff has the ability to empower and challenge people to think differently and take that step needed to bring about that transformation. He was one of the most popular keynote speakers at our recent REVIVE 2018 conference in QLD. I would highly recommend Geoff to any company looking to inspire their people to change."

Jet Xavier
The Revive Project

"I brought Geoff in to speak with our high end members to share his wealth of knowledge on business, health and fitness and life. Geoff brought rave reviews with his candid and all in style, the way he has lived his life from day one. Not only a legend of a man, but a life changer also. Bring the man in and he’ll move your audience as he did mine. "

Andrew Sparks
CEO FitGro

"Ravensworth (Glencore) are fortunate to have had the opportunity of Geoff Jowett speaking to our workforce of over 450 people over four sessions as part of our commitment to health and wellbeing. Geoff certainly had the attention of our miners, the majority being men, in each session, and you could have heard a pin drop when he spoke about his own personal story of success and hardship. I know it will continue to have an impact on the decisions our people make on their own health and wellbeing into the future. Comments included ‘brilliant’, ‘honest’ and ‘motivating’ to consider their own personal health and wellbeing goals in light of Geoff’s mantra – ‘focus on the process.’"

Ellen Roots
Glencore (Ravensworth) - Open Cut Mine

"Geoff Jowett is a modern day champion for so many reasons .. he champions the cause of health he champions the power of transformation he champions the spirit of resilience but most of all he’s a champion of people AND his speaking ability is world class .. his wisdom learnt thru pain his passion his delivery and his candor is rare. Go find him go listen to him and I dare you not to be impacted. "

Pat Mesiti
Motivational speak. Mentor


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